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Whether well he perceives and analyzes visual material.Whether sufficient volume of visual material child vosprini washes and can keep in memory.Whether he perceives the sufficient volume of acoustical material and can keep in memory.Whether the child is capable to catch sequence of the visual objects.Whether it is capable to catch sequence of acoustical objects.Whether precisely he perceives and analyzes spatial otno sheniye.violation of reading and letter Speech hearing How to check speech hearing see page Perception of units of the speech You need to find out: Whether well the child aurally perceives offers.

Recent is followings

Most of children grow in Great Britain healthy and not test a lack of nutrients.Recent is followings testify that the most widespread violations at preschool children are: Lack of iron % investigated.Iron contains sya in meat, greens and bean, and also in more popular at ty the vitaminized porridges and bread.Lack of zinc % investigated.Zinc contains in cheese, eggs and bread, and also in vegetables, fruit and nuts.With such choice of products it will be simple to you to provide to the child all necessary without excess difficulties and disputes.


Only in this case the woman is capable to solve deeply and seriously problems in the relations, including with the mother.Otherwise this cyclic effect can bring to even °° to lshy sufferings when both person, mother and the daughter, aspires to each other, but each their meeting comes to an end with either insults, or tears from that other party.Therefore the question in general not absolutely belongs to a subject of our seminar Children from heavens, but the answer to it, I think, can be useful to all.In this regard the need for a roditelstvo, naturalness, a beskorystknost of a roditelstvo speaks exactly here through this phenomenon of need of receiving all types of love to start it giving.

Michel Elliot, director

If the child does not want at once to tell, tell that you are always ready to its vysl to shat, in the afternoon or at night, and watch it further.Michel Elliot, director Kidskeyp Softly push the child to conversation see.Communication.If the child will tell you about offenses: praise to tell it it was very brave from your storo ny, support I will help as only I can, together we we can make a lot of things, give to confidence I you very much I love, always loved and I will love; check that your understanding of a situation same, as well as at child: it will help to clear a situation and will prove reben ku that you heard and understood his words; act.

In the same

Bunting m.Fear on nursery care forces rethink//Guardian.Jule, M.Bunting.Nursery Tales//Guardian.July, , Researches EODO.In the same place.Results of research Lich, Silva and Steyn were for the first time published in the speech of doctor Lich turned to National association of baby sitting.The publication with comments: Yvonne Roberts.Official: Babies do best with mother//Observer.October.Alison Clarke Stewart.

And time

And even if it happened, it can not know names of feeling or not suspect that it it is peculiar also to other people.If you allocate, will call also opium sht feeling, you thereby will let know that to you it too familiarly.And time you coped with it, it too will be able.Try not to wait until the problem reaches a limit, and under to nimayta a question of feelings, or at least about recognition of feelings, in daily conversations.A mention as positive, and from ritsatelny emotions does conversation by less intense.

It postlearning

I tried to praise it differently.Instead of that to speak as her study does me schastl howl, I described that it reached it is logical, well structured report, and udovletvorya las it.Somehow there was first case in the morning.Heather was in soul, and I rinsed ware.It postlearning la in a wall, and I lowered half hot water.Poses she came to kitchen and began to shout at me in all voice: I asked you not to include hot water.I had simply ice shower!


Do not work yet, the relevant centers of a brain are not developed, the mentality is not so developed to build logical chains or to join in process of the abstract analysis.Therefore everything that seems to the child tragic, owing to these reasons many times more trakgichno it is also more stretched in time, than for us vzroskly which understand limits of not really raspolozhenkny or deprived of love environment.We can write off the relation of the people surrounding on bad mood, for some problems of health, for difficulty of the working day.

The air stream

Statement of soft sounds x, to, , f, in, l WAY OF STATEMENT OF SOFT SOUNDS IN THE SYLLABLE WITH PUBLIC AND Let the child after you say syllables hi hi hi or fi fi fi, etc., in this case before public will also be to be heard a soft sound.When pronouncing syllables of a lip have to to be extended in a wide smile, teeth are pulled most together.The air stream exhaled from a mouth has to be felt on the palm which is held up to a mouth.If the pronunciation any of sounds is in this family way insufficiently soft, it will need to be said in zvukoso chetaniya between two vowels and ikh or Ife, etc.

As already

Can be one more healthy type of the answer such: It is a pity to me that kept you waiting and therefore I at you in a debt, for me is due.Or so: It is a pity to me that I was late, but you too kept waiting for me therefore now zero zero, we are quits.As already repeatedly there was a speech, the principles of a positive roditelstvo do not use punishment to motivate cooperation.But parents can sometimes introduce certain amendments concerning a freedom of action of the child or the teenager.

This communication

These are those feelings through which there is a communication with parents.This communication provides care, guardianship.But if impact on feelings of the child excessively, seems to it, what even two strong big persons who were still ensuring its safety can hardly provide it from now on and therefore in general there is no sense to follow their manuals and requests.Besides, surplus of information connected with violence leads to that it is perceived as norm of life.That is not natural, that should not take place in life, is accepted as norm thanks to repeated repetition.

She shared

Some children are irritated, when they a vyrazha yut strong emotions, and answer of their parents correct, but cold.One teenage girl told on ours to seven to nara that somehow time came home in wild rage, on that her best friend gave out that it very personal secret.She shared with mother, and mother very chilly reacted: You are angry.The girl told, what not could not state the sarcastic: Yes well?!We asked it that she would like to hear from mothers.

From what

From what you received pleasure and advantage in the childhood and how to present it to your children?If there were problems how you could avoid the same mistakes?Helps the understanding of that to area, which for people yavlya yutsyatsya by the heaviest in education these are the same areas, in which it is difficult to reach compromise with the children.If the severe discipline, for example, was applied to you, whether you can bo instinctively to arrive also, or to avoid even bypass wash hardness.

To me did not allow

Correction.You dishonestly behaved at dinner.You always more you speak with Jason.Not at dinner, and at breakfast.Ignoring.It is necessary for me that father brought me to foot Bol on Sunday.Help Lucie to inflate a ball.Communication Derivation.To me did not allow to play in school statement, and all the others participate.Look that I bought you, these are those bya will distract.Encouragement.I am afraid of monsters in a bedroom.

If ourselves

The more we acquit ourselves with mistakes of other people, the less we feel forces to change a situation because destinies of people, their views, behavior are not under our control.If ourselves recognize the mistake, in this case we are capable to understand that in our forces to change a situation, though maybe not at once.If the one who made a mistake is I, so in my forces to find the solution how to correct consequences of this mistake, and anybody more is for this purpose not necessary to me.

The child

The child who is afraid that will abuse him, that is, he will hear some very serious expressions of an emotional dissatisfaction of rodiktel, can inhibit even such desires which are physically dangerous for suppressing to his health.For example, some children hardly decide to confess to the parents that they want in a toilet as are afraid that will hear something it seems: Where I in the middle of shop will take a toilet to you?It is very widespread, it is possible to tell, an illness, very widespread syndrome of tendency to inhibit the desires.

The nurse

I became pregnant the third child, and it was very difficult at that moment.The nurse had two my children, I was in the family way therefore very much was tired.The hatch and I endured a strong stress.I simply did not understand how it is possible to work with three children.I did not want to desert a family, but also there was no wish to leave the work.The problem was solved for me I quarreled with the boss and submitted the notice of resignation next day after that.

More detailed

When we give to the child advice or immediate re sheny its problems, we deprive of it experience of fight with sob stvenny difficulties.Whether there are moments when it is necessary to give advice?Of course.More detailed discussion of, when and how to give councils, read on pages , called Pain she about councils.Whether it is possible to make something, if after a pony you wash, what gave to the child the useless answer?Yesterday my daughter the very upset came from school.


Often angry and concerned it seems to parents that such councils bear in themselves sense.That follows it, tell various a spetsi sheets in the field of mental health, at which Wad Dra Guy the point of view on punishment.Punishment very inefficient method of a vospa Tania.Punishment, strangely enough, often works on the child exactly the opposite, with all not as we would like it!Many parents apply punishment simply because anybody Nicko gda did not teach them to treat the children better As to the father, Fitzung Dodson, Signet, .

Other children

Group game; the child shows a letter.Other children look for words in which this letter at the beginning, in the end or occurs in to the middle of the word; guessing of names.It is necessary to vary two previous exercises.It is necessary to call words only from one spheres, for example, names of flowers, animals, names of people.Mobile alphabet Material: boxes which contain the full alphabet of stamped letters in a small amount of copies.These letters correspond by the size to letters from rough paper.

From time

We help children to consult with the feelings Whether it is possible to help still somehow to the child, which races it is harmonous, except how to show it that you understand it feelings?My son is absolutely intolerant to different to disappointments.From time to time it seems that helps it, if I recognize its feelings and I tell something it seems: It, has to be, such disappointment!However usually, when it there is in such emotional state, it me even does not hear.Parents in our groups opened that when them ti are extremely upset, physical activity can to facilitate some painful feelings.

Family life

This look is reflected in the last review of the corresponding the researches conducted within forty years by Institute about razovaniye.The key factor as it is specified in the review, consists not in the one who cares of the child, mother or other person, and it is rather as leaving.Family life as is emphasized about dolzhat to have the main impact on development small ty even if they receive care not from parents.Choice and circumstances At least % of women with the child to fiveyearold a cart rasta now work full time in this Important relationship the figure equaled %, and still cost qualitative, without pasny leaving in Great Britain remains to one of you soky in Europe.

Further it is necessary

Previously show to the child as, soaking up language, proiz to carry on a breath a sound with.You can say one on a breath shock shepotny sound r.Let the child will feel a finger that place in a mouth on which language has to strike.Further it is necessary on an exhalation naturally proizno to sit a sound with and at this time quickly to strike language on alveoluses so that the gurgling sound was heard.It will turn out the sound combination said by whisper sr.Watch that the child struck language from cutters to alveoluses, and not in an opposite direction the sound will turn out differently, the reminding English option of a pronunciation of a sound r.

To this age children

So they not simply understand, say, importance a heat sos or pencils, they still want to brag, as they umeyut That rebsno to a yard the happy to use them.Such general interest is called joint attention is also a necessary condition for studying of a yaza and many other.To this age children seize the beginnings of standards of behavior they are able to brag, clap, wave a hand and so on.They are trained in etiquette, the accepted rules of communication.Except that go, they distinguish various institutions and know a difference between, for example, shop and a platform for games and that there about proceeds.

Show it the picture

show it the picture it is admissible, Gy representing a sound it, without interrupting a pronunciation of the sound, right there has to pass to to vowel and to say a syllable with this vowel f f fy, but not f f f fy or f f f y .Before to put or to fix in a syllable a pronunciation any sound, new to the child, train with it such way pronunciations on the example of those sounds which he utters correctly sounds which can be pulled most of all approach, for example: t, in, x, etc..

Back to raise

With pleasure, with pleasure, with pleasure.To put hands under a cheek.TABLE It has a cover palms to hold horizontally, closely one to another, Legs to put index and middle fingers of both hands on a table, And on a cover cups the Fingertype game Cup fig..Yes spoons.To put each palm in the form of a spoon.Back to raise the right palm up, Seat to press the left fist to the basis of the right palm fig., Four feet.To put index and middle fingers of both hands on a table.

These ways

There are also various ways wrong proizno sheniye of sounds.Favorable ways of pronouncing sounds.They specify that a standard pronunciation of these sounds the child, most likely, will be able independently to master.Adverse ways of pronouncing sounds.These ways of pronouncing specify that these sounds most randomly at the child will hardly appear.Main reasons for violations of a sound pronunciation VIOLATION OF MOBILITY OF SPEECH BODIES How to check mobility of organs of speech, it is described in predy to the blowing chapter.

Eye pressure

It is easy to tell that they know letters and unlimited number of figures, but this approach can turn into similarity of an illness.Eye pressure it zyvatsya even on our free time how well we it it is carried out?How much we can do?Very easily unichto to live selfcosting pleasure of the child from ability to investigate the world telno.Sometimes I go to playgrounds, and it is necessary me at to kusyvat language when parents speak about tasks which it is necessary to put before children.

It is, maybe, simple

Fathers know it.And it is not obligatory to react to roughness with offense or roughness.It is, maybe, simple to paraphrase that the child told enough, and then most to answer: Do not worry, of course, I will leave if you ask.In society where at the same time there are two languages, for example, as in Latvia, we know it if the person in conversation makes any mistake, mispronouncing the word, we simply repeat this word.We do not speak to it: Stop as you so can, do not dare to spoil my native language or You dishonor yourself and all the relatives and so on.

The girl

And the man's nature, naproktiv, being connected with energy of the Sun, represents mainly the principle of achievement of the purpose, sovershenstkvovaniye.Thus, it is conditionally possible to tell that the nature of the girl is not so much aspiration to reach something, how many natural aspiration to be udovletvokrenny that is already reached.And the nature of the boy is an achievement of the purpose.The girl is as, the boy is where.If there is no correct interaction of two these prirod, for the woman, which to anything there is no the situation threatening with absence prgressa, lack of the movement.

Really chtonibud

You heard that grows on the bank of Black pond at night?one of them asked.Really chtonibud the tasty?At night I there for anything I will not treat terribly.But in the morning with pleasure regaled.At me in the mornings always chorus shy appetite, another answered.Will not believe, the magic grows there grass of Svetlyn.The t from who will eat it, will begin to shine in the dark.Well and who ate it?And anybody, in the wood of it it is not necessary to anybody.

Question: How to behave

But if it cannot be made, how say, rescue of the drowning business to a rue of the most drowning, and the best that the child can make is to exempt itself from sense of guilt.Question: How to behave daughters in relation to the parents, is more exact in relation to their longterm offenses at each other?Mother forgave the father many years later, but he does not though it was guilty more.The daughter always since the childhood tried to reconcile them that they at each other did not harbor malice, and considered that in this case her chances of improvement of private life will increase.

John Oates, psychologist, specialist

Psychologists call it stage, meaning that the support which helps is created to develop new skills, then a stage gradually are cleaned, and it allows the child most to strengthen the skills.John Oates, psychologist, specialist in development Formation of selfconfidence Idea of the child of itself almost completely it is based on that you speak to it.Therefore try to praise it not only for its achievements, but also for efforts.Aileen Heyes, the consultant for parents at YRSS Parents have natural fears apropos how their children will overcome difficulties, but they have to moderate the concern some.


The sun sends beams which we see light to the earth, and beams which we do not see thermal and ultraviolet.Thermal infrared, and also visible beams of the sun render on a body the warming influence.They cause expansion of the smallest blood vessels of skin.To the weakening action of sunshine the uncountable nervous terminations located in skin are exposed.Ultraviolet rays have other effect on an organism.Under them influence many species of bacteria especially gnoyerodny, usilivaperish growth of bones at children etsyatsya, the metabolism improves.

Why? Because

Why?Because if the boy is brought up by mother instead of giving more trust, she will give that would like to receive itself care, support to penetrate into his life, to ask many questions, to feel pity for his pain, to be eager for it to make happy that, actually, eventually, leads to destruction of high qualities of character of the boy.He feels defective thanks to such excessive guardianship.In the same way the girl if she is brought up by the father who, eventually, tends to give more trust admit that everything is all right, anything, you will consult, it was not so sick, you at me the good fellow, you at me strong, healthy, everything will be normal feels unloved and unnecessary.

In their

That is they will oppose to other children or adults, and will apply some kind of methods of children's terror.In their perception most of children as prinyakto to speak, brake.But they easily suffer brakes, this neognennost, inactivity of other children if someone has to be helped.If seniors recognize that this as if excess, additional energy which is possessed by a rebeknok of active type, actually can be an ispolkzovana as peaceful atom, for the benefit to the world, for the benefit that Who is not so vigorous, not so courageously, the mood of Protection, protection increases in these children.

But there

There are certain natural mechanisms influencing an embodiment of this or that soul as the child in a certain family.Parents can have knowledge, they can want to receive the child in clemency and can even possess opportunities completely to plan and calculate the most favorable days and time for conception to attract such soul on a scientific basis.But there are, unfortunately, factors which on our knowledge and calculations do not depend.They are shown in a thin look through influence of planets on destiny of parents, there are also certain artful designs of interaction of destiny of parents with those living beings who too want to progress, want to be embodied on this planet presently.

For I suffer

Parent: Katee behaved badly in relation to you.Such hearing does not assume any criticism in the address govo ryashchy and therefore allows children to tell that about proceeds actually, but not about about what as it seems to them, we ho Tim to listen.Besides, thus you let to them know, that understand and accept their vision of a situation.For I suffer the shchy or offended kid it is vital.Reflection of the expressed feelings.Summarizing told reben lump, you can describe at the same time those feelings, which, as Communication it seems to you, he tests.

They can think

They can write anything in a small square think, and you you cannot abuse them for it, as well as in life not to a mozha those to abuse children for their thoughts.They can think that to them to a jota the elk to strike, shout, swear.But is important how they about rashchatsya with the emotions.Filling a small square tell, they clearly see distinction meanwhile that they think, and that, that is acceptable to do.Effective discipline Work with these exercises shows to children of a problem, which can arise if they speak in accuracy that think or to do in accuracy that to feeling all the time yut.

It is possible

Rather widespread mistake socalled dro zhashchy blow.This mistake meets at children of advanced age more often also it is expressed that children beat on water intense and is made but direct feet with a big frequency and insignificant amplitude movements.It is possible to correct an error instructions or, having undertaken hands for feet of feet of the child to help it to carry out the movements with the necessary scope and frequency.And one more mistake which meets generally at children doshkol age foot.

Sketch snowflakes. + Print. + Read. + Make

I count that

What was reaction child?INSTRUCTION Instead of punishment Sharply express the feelings without nap dock on character.I in rage of that my new saw left on the street to rust in the rain!Formulate the expectations.I count that after will take tools from me, will return them to me.Show to the child how to make amends.Now are necessary to a saw the small steel bast and hard physical activity.Provide to the child a choice.You can take my tools and a cart to rotate them.

Anyway, whether

Then everything changes somewhere at the age of , years, when the child for the first time lets know that needs in distsip tench.From its party it looks almost like a prigla sheniye to dance.Anyway, whether look, gesture, expression they as though speak: Well and as you How to stimulate good behavior you will react to it?They want to involve you in game.They need attention, support, rules and discipline.At this stage fight should not be the intense: not intense of you and bor fight from them.

Remind of need

The child carries out a fungus the hand which is too bent in an elbow, poorly taking water a brush.Remind of need to carry out a fungus the hand bent in an elbow.By air the hand rushes straightened in lok tevy joint, and the brush of the first enters water.In swimming on a back it is impossible to detain a hand at a hip after okoncha the niya of a grebk or to finish a fungus, pushing away water palm up.In a game tse a grebk in swimming by a crawl on a back the brush carries out the movement down back under a hip.

When two children

mind the scientific research institute to egotrip and try to illustrate ef fictitiousness of such behavior own reaction not under The growing independence being given on aggression, keeping calm and without applying threats etc.see.Effective discipline.When two children do not agree in chemto, there comes the moment for discussions.Even younger school students can understand importance and pluses of discussion and peaceful resolution of the conflicts.Op the sled is lower than the technician of a resolution of conflicts especially of chorus sha for the conflicts between brothers or sisters see.

They, falling

We will be loaded for all day with cheerfulness and fine health, if we finish an air bathtub with rubdown by a damp towel, a shower or bathing.It is possible to become tempered and under sunshine.They, falling on it is naked Nov a body, difficult physiological processes cause: improvement about exchange of substances, increase and deepening of breath, promote obrazova niya and to accumulation of vitamin D which warns bronchitis and regu lirut a mineral exchange.In order that it is correct to apply solar bathtubs, it is necessary before stavlyat to itself that such ray of sunlight.

My first

It was very much to a rasserzha on.She told that my son lags behind in a subject, that it badly influences a class that it still not a zna et multiplication tables and that, perhaps, to it demands sya big discipline of the house.I thanked her for a call, but it was shaken.My first thought was: He has to be punished.It will not be smot to ret the TV, will not learn the multiplication table yet also will not start behaving normally in a class.Fortunately, I had an hour more in a stock, that to cool down before it comes home from school.

For the child

All this it interferes formi to rovaniye of new skills of a pronunciation.For the child the wrong pronunciation of own sound not considerably it seems to it that he utters it in the same way, as well as others.Otherwise he could not repeat after you the defective sound or any, including this sound word.That is without it the mechanism the speech in general would be impossible.On the contrary, when the child on occupation starts saying correctly any sound it it does not learn.


In materials for development of feelings there are materials, which indirectly help the child when training in reading and the letter and promote development of the speech.So, cylinders inserts, geometrical wooden and metal figures inserts, material for palpation, steam rooms slices of fabrics serve for development of sleight of hand.Geometrical and biological figures and cards serve for distinctions of a form, and the rustling boxes and calls for development of hearing.Metal figures inserts Material: supports with pink metal frames everyone.

Also it is told

In any process there is some byproduct.Also it is told about it in the Veda.When we create something or when something arises, it passes certain stages: creations, then developments, emergence of pobochkny products and destruction.Thus, emotion can call negativkny, but actually in them there is nothing negative.They are direct continuation or a natural consequence of manifestation or experience of positive emotions.That is, they are life signs, also as food and clarification of an organism are signs of life of a human body.

Close a pr howl

+ Close eyes.Define, skolk sounds: a, iu, oa, y, ue?+ Lead round springs.+ Listen.Repeat, without finishing speaking last sound: oa, ii, yo; first sound: hey, ioo, ea, ooa.+ Show the right hand.Close a pr howl a hand the right eye; left ear; right shoulder; left eye.+ Show the left hand the right eye, left ear, right knee, left eye, f Close the right hand the left eye, and put the left hand on the head.+ the Right hand close the left eye, and left hand left eye.

At first

You have to show to the child these exercises, as if changing with them roles.For example, explain performance of the first exercise to it as follows.At first put slightly the palm re also tell a benka on a hand to it thus: Here you feel how I it is easy put a palm to you on a hand, and now I put it all weight, and thus put to it the palm on a hand all the weight that is completely, from a shoulder the relaxed hand.But do not press a hand the child specially, differently he after you it will be wrong to carry out exercise.

In such

Tip language has to settle down at the level of cutters or slightly vyso to vyvatsya forward.Lips have to be strongly stretched in a smile.It is desirable if it turns out that the child slightly bit tongue with both parties on each side molars.In such situation let blows to itself on the middle of a palm, doing a current of air colder.It is possible hollow to live on a palm a slice of cotton wool and to blow off it.Cotton wool has to nakho to get to approximately in ten centimeters from the child's mouth.

He considers

Even when parents love when support and recognize the child's merits, the internal voice always speaks to it yes, and what they would tell if learned actually, what I did?Often consequences of mistakes or offenses happen much less considerable, than the child in the fear draws them.He considers himself much worse, than is, and considers that is worthy bigger punishment, than in reality parents even would like or could apply to it.Therefore the child is not capable to let in their love the heart.To that degree to which children hide the mistakes, hide the offenses, they as if depreciate that love and support which is available to them.

It is best

It can retell texts and thus watch, that always to utter a sound r.He can tell you about events last day, also constantly controlling the pronunciation.It, watching the pronunciation, can comment sover shayemy to them actions for example when molds or draws.the benok has to repeat.It is best of all to do it as follows: at first has to go any fragment of speech material, then a pause, then the same fragment, then again a pause.During the first pause the child repeats the heard speech material, then it listens to it again and checks correctness of the about iznosheniye, during the second pause it can correct the mistake.

And in other

It is called a syndrome of two diaries when one diary, in which all estimates only the best, and in other diary the others which the child actually receives at school is offered to parents.In one of such worlds, in one of diaries where the impression about the child is more faultless, more attractive, he can receive love of parents.And in other he knows that if how he actually studies or as he behaves was opened, he by all means would lose love of relatives.Why the child can not accept love of parents?

We, perhaps, did not order

How children bring up us?Indigo children too bring up us.They come here and oblige us to progress.Because it on destiny put conditions in which they could develop.Indigo arrival happens unexpected.We, perhaps, did not order such child.We did not direct the reason anywhere.Simply sat on Monday at lecture, and in a week learned that the daughter, at the granddaughter has who that appeared, the new living being came to a family.The secret is simple as soon as somewhere there are gleams of Vedic knowledge, many live sukshchestvo direct there.

Any healthy

What is useful?also do not worry.Any healthy child did not starve himself yet.Usually mothers speak to me: She eats nothing and I answer: Write down everything that it takes in a mouth, within two weeks and then they understand that in vain worried.It is natural if it is about the baby, which it loses flesh, already another story.But the majority of problems and alarms arises at Izz's parents healthy, normal, the growing children who do not eat.

Here my average

How to speak that children listened.I collected a family and told to children that the doctor told concerning our dog who suffered from the superfluous weight and moved a little.We passed together through all stages the solution method, having defined who for what will be to bear responsibility and when.Here my average son spro forces what will be consequences if someone does not execute the work.My eldest son suggested to deprive a body vizor for the evening.Two others declared that it is dishonest.

You show

It is necessary to check, whether the child uses plural nouns, and also diminutive form of nouns, whether it can form a feminine gender from a verb of a masculine gender about the going time and plural of adjectives.Plural of nouns Approximate task.You show to the child a hand and speak to him: It is one hand.Then show it both hands and continue: And it two.hands the child has to finish the statement.Diminutive form of nouns Approximate task.You show to the child couple of identical subjects, for example, also tell two knives differing in the size to it: It is a big knife, and it is a small knife.

Even if to the child

Even if to the child there will be time us boringly it will also be necessary to look for, than to be engaged, it will develop his resourcefulness and ability to creativity.If to the baby to allow to look otsutstvuyushche in space and if thus he will be happy or will derive silent pleasure from about sty things round itself and feelings from them instead of constantly the rattling and irritating rattles, at it is vse That the child a swarm the happy chances to grow the child who will rush as poloum ny but at the same time and to look at clouds, to play with the navel, to relax and reflect.


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