Close a pr howl

Close a pr howl + Close eyes.

Define, skolk sounds: a, iu, oa, y, ue?

+ Lead round springs.

+ Listen.

Repeat, without finishing speaking last sound: oa, ii, yo; first sound: hey, ioo, ea, ooa.

+ Show the right hand.

Close a pr howl a hand the right eye; left ear; right shoulder; left eye.

+ Show the left hand the right eye, left ear, right knee, left eye, f Close the right hand the left eye, and put the left hand on the head.

+ the Right hand close the left eye, and left hand left eye.

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At first

At first You have to show to the child these exercises, as if changing with them roles.

For example, explain performance of the first exercise to it as follows.

At first put slightly the palm re also tell a benka on a hand to it thus: Here you feel how I it is easy put a palm to you on a hand, and now I put it all weight, and thus put to it the palm on a hand all the weight that is completely, from a shoulder the relaxed hand.

But do not press a hand the child specially, differently he after you it will be wrong to carry out exercise.

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  • As already
  • Show it the picture
  • Other children
  • The girl
  • When two children
  • My first
  • In their
  • I count that
  • In such
  • baby