For the child

For the child All this it interferes formi to rovaniye of new skills of a pronunciation.

For the child the wrong pronunciation of own sound not considerably it seems to it that he utters it in the same way, as well as others.

Otherwise he could not repeat after you the defective sound or any, including this sound word.

That is without it the mechanism the speech in general would be impossible.

On the contrary, when the child on occupation starts saying correctly any sound it it does not learn.

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Geometrical In materials for development of feelings there are materials, which indirectly help the child when training in reading and the letter and promote development of the speech.

So, cylinders inserts, geometrical wooden and metal figures inserts, material for palpation, steam rooms slices of fabrics serve for development of sleight of hand.

Geometrical and biological figures and cards serve for distinctions of a form, and the rustling boxes and calls for development of hearing.

Metal figures inserts Material: supports with pink metal frames everyone.

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Also it is told

Also it is told In any process there is some byproduct.

Also it is told about it in the Veda.

When we create something or when something arises, it passes certain stages: creations, then developments, emergence of pobochkny products and destruction.

Thus, emotion can call negativkny, but actually in them there is nothing negative.

They are direct continuation or a natural consequence of manifestation or experience of positive emotions.

That is, they are life signs, also as food and clarification of an organism are signs of life of a human body.

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