It is best

It is best It can retell texts and thus watch, that always to utter a sound r.

He can tell you about events last day, also constantly controlling the pronunciation.

It, watching the pronunciation, can comment sover shayemy to them actions for example when molds or draws.

the benok has to repeat.

It is best of all to do it as follows: at first has to go any fragment of speech material, then a pause, then the same fragment, then again a pause.

During the first pause the child repeats the heard speech material, then it listens to it again and checks correctness of the about iznosheniye, during the second pause it can correct the mistake.

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And in other

And in other It is called a syndrome of two diaries when one diary, in which all estimates only the best, and in other diary the others which the child actually receives at school is offered to parents.

In one of such worlds, in one of diaries where the impression about the child is more faultless, more attractive, he can receive love of parents.

And in other he knows that if how he actually studies or as he behaves was opened, he by all means would lose love of relatives.

Why the child can not accept love of parents?

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We, perhaps, did not order

We, perhaps, did not order How children bring up us?

Indigo children too bring up us.

They come here and oblige us to progress.

Because it on destiny put conditions in which they could develop.

Indigo arrival happens unexpected.

We, perhaps, did not order such child.

We did not direct the reason anywhere.

Simply sat on Monday at lecture, and in a week learned that the daughter, at the granddaughter has who that appeared, the new living being came to a family.

The secret is simple as soon as somewhere there are gleams of Vedic knowledge, many live sukshchestvo direct there.

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Any healthy

Any healthy What is useful?

also do not worry.

Any healthy child did not starve himself yet.

Usually mothers speak to me: She eats nothing and I answer: Write down everything that it takes in a mouth, within two weeks and then they understand that in vain worried.

It is natural if it is about the baby, which it loses flesh, already another story.

But the majority of problems and alarms arises at Izz's parents healthy, normal, the growing children who do not eat.

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Here my average

Here my average How to speak that children listened.

I collected a family and told to children that the doctor told concerning our dog who suffered from the superfluous weight and moved a little.

We passed together through all stages the solution method, having defined who for what will be to bear responsibility and when.

Here my average son spro forces what will be consequences if someone does not execute the work.

My eldest son suggested to deprive a body vizor for the evening.

Two others declared that it is dishonest.

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You show

You show It is necessary to check, whether the child uses plural nouns, and also diminutive form of nouns, whether it can form a feminine gender from a verb of a masculine gender about the going time and plural of adjectives.

Plural of nouns Approximate task.

You show to the child a hand and speak to him: It is one hand.

Then show it both hands and continue: And it two.

hands the child has to finish the statement.

Diminutive form of nouns Approximate task.

You show to the child couple of identical subjects, for example, also tell two knives differing in the size to it: It is a big knife, and it is a small knife.

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