Geometrical In materials for development of feelings there are materials, which indirectly help the child when training in reading and the letter and promote development of the speech.

So, cylinders inserts, geometrical wooden and metal figures inserts, material for palpation, steam rooms slices of fabrics serve for development of sleight of hand.

Geometrical and biological figures and cards serve for distinctions of a form, and the rustling boxes and calls for development of hearing.

Metal figures inserts Material: supports with pink metal frames everyone.

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Also it is told

Also it is told In any process there is some byproduct.

Also it is told about it in the Veda.

When we create something or when something arises, it passes certain stages: creations, then developments, emergence of pobochkny products and destruction.

Thus, emotion can call negativkny, but actually in them there is nothing negative.

They are direct continuation or a natural consequence of manifestation or experience of positive emotions.

That is, they are life signs, also as food and clarification of an organism are signs of life of a human body.

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Close a pr howl

Close a pr howl + Close eyes.

Define, skolk sounds: a, iu, oa, y, ue?

+ Lead round springs.

+ Listen.

Repeat, without finishing speaking last sound: oa, ii, yo; first sound: hey, ioo, ea, ooa.

+ Show the right hand.

Close a pr howl a hand the right eye; left ear; right shoulder; left eye.

+ Show the left hand the right eye, left ear, right knee, left eye, f Close the right hand the left eye, and put the left hand on the head.

+ the Right hand close the left eye, and left hand left eye.

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At first

At first You have to show to the child these exercises, as if changing with them roles.

For example, explain performance of the first exercise to it as follows.

At first put slightly the palm re also tell a benka on a hand to it thus: Here you feel how I it is easy put a palm to you on a hand, and now I put it all weight, and thus put to it the palm on a hand all the weight that is completely, from a shoulder the relaxed hand.

But do not press a hand the child specially, differently he after you it will be wrong to carry out exercise.

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In such

In such Tip language has to settle down at the level of cutters or slightly vyso to vyvatsya forward.

Lips have to be strongly stretched in a smile.

It is desirable if it turns out that the child slightly bit tongue with both parties on each side molars.

In such situation let blows to itself on the middle of a palm, doing a current of air colder.

It is possible hollow to live on a palm a slice of cotton wool and to blow off it.

Cotton wool has to nakho to get to approximately in ten centimeters from the child's mouth.

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He considers

He considers Even when parents love when support and recognize the child's merits, the internal voice always speaks to it yes, and what they would tell if learned actually, what I did?

Often consequences of mistakes or offenses happen much less considerable, than the child in the fear draws them.

He considers himself much worse, than is, and considers that is worthy bigger punishment, than in reality parents even would like or could apply to it.

Therefore the child is not capable to let in their love the heart.

To that degree to which children hide the mistakes, hide the offenses, they as if depreciate that love and support which is available to them.

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