Really chtonibud

Really chtonibud You heard that grows on the bank of Black pond at night?

one of them asked.

Really chtonibud the tasty?

At night I there for anything I will not treat terribly.

But in the morning with pleasure regaled.

At me in the mornings always chorus shy appetite, another answered.

Will not believe, the magic grows there grass of Svetlyn.

The t from who will eat it, will begin to shine in the dark.

Well and who ate it?

And anybody, in the wood of it it is not necessary to anybody.

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Question: How to behave

Question: How to behave But if it cannot be made, how say, rescue of the drowning business to a rue of the most drowning, and the best that the child can make is to exempt itself from sense of guilt.

Question: How to behave daughters in relation to the parents, is more exact in relation to their longterm offenses at each other?

Mother forgave the father many years later, but he does not though it was guilty more.

The daughter always since the childhood tried to reconcile them that they at each other did not harbor malice, and considered that in this case her chances of improvement of private life will increase.

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John Oates, psychologist, specialist

John Oates, psychologist, specialist Psychologists call it stage, meaning that the support which helps is created to develop new skills, then a stage gradually are cleaned, and it allows the child most to strengthen the skills.

John Oates, psychologist, specialist in development Formation of selfconfidence Idea of the child of itself almost completely it is based on that you speak to it.

Therefore try to praise it not only for its achievements, but also for efforts.

Aileen Heyes, the consultant for parents at YRSS Parents have natural fears apropos how their children will overcome difficulties, but they have to moderate the concern some.

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Ultraviolet The sun sends beams which we see light to the earth, and beams which we do not see thermal and ultraviolet.

Thermal infrared, and also visible beams of the sun render on a body the warming influence.

They cause expansion of the smallest blood vessels of skin.

To the weakening action of sunshine the uncountable nervous terminations located in skin are exposed.

Ultraviolet rays have other effect on an organism.

Under them influence many species of bacteria especially gnoyerodny, usilivaperish growth of bones at children etsyatsya, the metabolism improves.

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Why? Because

Why? Because Why?

Because if the boy is brought up by mother instead of giving more trust, she will give that would like to receive itself care, support to penetrate into his life, to ask many questions, to feel pity for his pain, to be eager for it to make happy that, actually, eventually, leads to destruction of high qualities of character of the boy.

He feels defective thanks to such excessive guardianship.

In the same way the girl if she is brought up by the father who, eventually, tends to give more trust admit that everything is all right, anything, you will consult, it was not so sick, you at me the good fellow, you at me strong, healthy, everything will be normal feels unloved and unnecessary.

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In their

In their That is they will oppose to other children or adults, and will apply some kind of methods of children's terror.

In their perception most of children as prinyakto to speak, brake.

But they easily suffer brakes, this neognennost, inactivity of other children if someone has to be helped.

If seniors recognize that this as if excess, additional energy which is possessed by a rebeknok of active type, actually can be an ispolkzovana as peaceful atom, for the benefit to the world, for the benefit that Who is not so vigorous, not so courageously, the mood of Protection, protection increases in these children.

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