Show it the picture

Show it the picture show it the picture it is admissible, Gy representing a sound it, without interrupting a pronunciation of the sound, right there has to pass to to vowel and to say a syllable with this vowel f f fy, but not f f f fy or f f f y .

Before to put or to fix in a syllable a pronunciation any sound, new to the child, train with it such way pronunciations on the example of those sounds which he utters correctly sounds which can be pulled most of all approach, for example: t, in, x, etc.


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Back to raise

Back to raise With pleasure, with pleasure, with pleasure.

To put hands under a cheek.

TABLE It has a cover palms to hold horizontally, closely one to another, Legs to put index and middle fingers of both hands on a table, And on a cover cups the Fingertype game Cup fig.


Yes spoons.

To put each palm in the form of a spoon.

Back to raise the right palm up, Seat to press the left fist to the basis of the right palm fig.

, Four feet.

To put index and middle fingers of both hands on a table.

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These ways

These ways There are also various ways wrong proizno sheniye of sounds.

Favorable ways of pronouncing sounds.

They specify that a standard pronunciation of these sounds the child, most likely, will be able independently to master.

Adverse ways of pronouncing sounds.

These ways of pronouncing specify that these sounds most randomly at the child will hardly appear.

Main reasons for violations of a sound pronunciation VIOLATION OF MOBILITY OF SPEECH BODIES How to check mobility of organs of speech, it is described in predy to the blowing chapter.

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Eye pressure

Eye pressure It is easy to tell that they know letters and unlimited number of figures, but this approach can turn into similarity of an illness.

Eye pressure it zyvatsya even on our free time how well we it it is carried out?

How much we can do?

Very easily unichto to live selfcosting pleasure of the child from ability to investigate the world telno.

Sometimes I go to playgrounds, and it is necessary me at to kusyvat language when parents speak about tasks which it is necessary to put before children.

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It is, maybe, simple

It is, maybe, simple Fathers know it.

And it is not obligatory to react to roughness with offense or roughness.

It is, maybe, simple to paraphrase that the child told enough, and then most to answer: Do not worry, of course, I will leave if you ask.

In society where at the same time there are two languages, for example, as in Latvia, we know it if the person in conversation makes any mistake, mispronouncing the word, we simply repeat this word.

We do not speak to it: Stop as you so can, do not dare to spoil my native language or You dishonor yourself and all the relatives and so on.

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The girl

The girl And the man's nature, naproktiv, being connected with energy of the Sun, represents mainly the principle of achievement of the purpose, sovershenstkvovaniye.

Thus, it is conditionally possible to tell that the nature of the girl is not so much aspiration to reach something, how many natural aspiration to be udovletvokrenny that is already reached.

And the nature of the boy is an achievement of the purpose.

The girl is as, the boy is where.

If there is no correct interaction of two these prirod, for the woman, which to anything there is no the situation threatening with absence prgressa, lack of the movement.

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