From what

From what From what you received pleasure and advantage in the childhood and how to present it to your children?

If there were problems how you could avoid the same mistakes?

Helps the understanding of that to area, which for people yavlya yutsyatsya by the heaviest in education these are the same areas, in which it is difficult to reach compromise with the children.

If the severe discipline, for example, was applied to you, whether you can bo instinctively to arrive also, or to avoid even bypass wash hardness.

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To me did not allow

To me did not allow Correction.

You dishonestly behaved at dinner.

You always more you speak with Jason.

Not at dinner, and at breakfast.


It is necessary for me that father brought me to foot Bol on Sunday.

Help Lucie to inflate a ball.

Communication Derivation.

To me did not allow to play in school statement, and all the others participate.

Look that I bought you, these are those bya will distract.


I am afraid of monsters in a bedroom.

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If ourselves

If ourselves The more we acquit ourselves with mistakes of other people, the less we feel forces to change a situation because destinies of people, their views, behavior are not under our control.

If ourselves recognize the mistake, in this case we are capable to understand that in our forces to change a situation, though maybe not at once.

If the one who made a mistake is I, so in my forces to find the solution how to correct consequences of this mistake, and anybody more is for this purpose not necessary to me.

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The child

The child The child who is afraid that will abuse him, that is, he will hear some very serious expressions of an emotional dissatisfaction of rodiktel, can inhibit even such desires which are physically dangerous for suppressing to his health.

For example, some children hardly decide to confess to the parents that they want in a toilet as are afraid that will hear something it seems: Where I in the middle of shop will take a toilet to you?

It is very widespread, it is possible to tell, an illness, very widespread syndrome of tendency to inhibit the desires.

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The nurse

The nurse I became pregnant the third child, and it was very difficult at that moment.

The nurse had two my children, I was in the family way therefore very much was tired.

The hatch and I endured a strong stress.

I simply did not understand how it is possible to work with three children.

I did not want to desert a family, but also there was no wish to leave the work.

The problem was solved for me I quarreled with the boss and submitted the notice of resignation next day after that.

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More detailed

More detailed When we give to the child advice or immediate re sheny its problems, we deprive of it experience of fight with sob stvenny difficulties.

Whether there are moments when it is necessary to give advice?

Of course.

More detailed discussion of, when and how to give councils, read on pages , called Pain she about councils.

Whether it is possible to make something, if after a pony you wash, what gave to the child the useless answer?

Yesterday my daughter the very upset came from school.

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