Sketch snowflakes. + Print. + Read. + Make

Sketch snowflakes. + Print. + Read. + Make + Read the story on hyphens.

Find a hyphen Murka and a napa chatay this word.

+ All letters decreased.

Lead round circle acquaintances.

SOUNDS AND LETTERS N, Y + Lead round contours a blue pencil.

Sketch snowflakes.

+ Print.

+ Read.

+ Make the analysis.

Miss, a nacher ti squares.

Find N: Nadia, to Andr sha, Anton, Marina, Nina.

+ Listen and find a mistake: The vase costs a table.

The cat jumped a chair.

The butterfly planted a flower.

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I count that

I count that What was reaction child?

INSTRUCTION Instead of punishment Sharply express the feelings without nap dock on character.

I in rage of that my new saw left on the street to rust in the rain!

Formulate the expectations.

I count that after will take tools from me, will return them to me.

Show to the child how to make amends.

Now are necessary to a saw the small steel bast and hard physical activity.

Provide to the child a choice.

You can take my tools and a cart to rotate them.

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Anyway, whether

Anyway, whether Then everything changes somewhere at the age of , years, when the child for the first time lets know that needs in distsip tench.

From its party it looks almost like a prigla sheniye to dance.

Anyway, whether look, gesture, expression they as though speak: Well and as you How to stimulate good behavior you will react to it?

They want to involve you in game.

They need attention, support, rules and discipline.

At this stage fight should not be the intense: not intense of you and bor fight from them.

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Remind of need

Remind of need The child carries out a fungus the hand which is too bent in an elbow, poorly taking water a brush.

Remind of need to carry out a fungus the hand bent in an elbow.

By air the hand rushes straightened in lok tevy joint, and the brush of the first enters water.

In swimming on a back it is impossible to detain a hand at a hip after okoncha the niya of a grebk or to finish a fungus, pushing away water palm up.

In a game tse a grebk in swimming by a crawl on a back the brush carries out the movement down back under a hip.

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When two children

When two children mind the scientific research institute to egotrip and try to illustrate ef fictitiousness of such behavior own reaction not under The growing independence being given on aggression, keeping calm and without applying threats etc.


Effective discipline.

When two children do not agree in chemto, there comes the moment for discussions.

Even younger school students can understand importance and pluses of discussion and peaceful resolution of the conflicts.

Op the sled is lower than the technician of a resolution of conflicts especially of chorus sha for the conflicts between brothers or sisters see.

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