In their

In their That is they will oppose to other children or adults, and will apply some kind of methods of children's terror.

In their perception most of children as prinyakto to speak, brake.

But they easily suffer brakes, this neognennost, inactivity of other children if someone has to be helped.

If seniors recognize that this as if excess, additional energy which is possessed by a rebeknok of active type, actually can be an ispolkzovana as peaceful atom, for the benefit to the world, for the benefit that Who is not so vigorous, not so courageously, the mood of Protection, protection increases in these children.

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But there

But there There are certain natural mechanisms influencing an embodiment of this or that soul as the child in a certain family.

Parents can have knowledge, they can want to receive the child in clemency and can even possess opportunities completely to plan and calculate the most favorable days and time for conception to attract such soul on a scientific basis.

But there are, unfortunately, factors which on our knowledge and calculations do not depend.

They are shown in a thin look through influence of planets on destiny of parents, there are also certain artful designs of interaction of destiny of parents with those living beings who too want to progress, want to be embodied on this planet presently.

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For I suffer

For I suffer Parent: Katee behaved badly in relation to you.

Such hearing does not assume any criticism in the address govo ryashchy and therefore allows children to tell that about proceeds actually, but not about about what as it seems to them, we ho Tim to listen.

Besides, thus you let to them know, that understand and accept their vision of a situation.

For I suffer the shchy or offended kid it is vital.

Reflection of the expressed feelings.

Summarizing told reben lump, you can describe at the same time those feelings, which, as Communication it seems to you, he tests.

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They can think

They can think They can write anything in a small square think, and you you cannot abuse them for it, as well as in life not to a mozha those to abuse children for their thoughts.

They can think that to them to a jota the elk to strike, shout, swear.

But is important how they about rashchatsya with the emotions.

Filling a small square tell, they clearly see distinction meanwhile that they think, and that, that is acceptable to do.

Effective discipline Work with these exercises shows to children of a problem, which can arise if they speak in accuracy that think or to do in accuracy that to feeling all the time yut.

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It is possible

It is possible Rather widespread mistake socalled dro zhashchy blow.

This mistake meets at children of advanced age more often also it is expressed that children beat on water intense and is made but direct feet with a big frequency and insignificant amplitude movements.

It is possible to correct an error instructions or, having undertaken hands for feet of feet of the child to help it to carry out the movements with the necessary scope and frequency.

And one more mistake which meets generally at children doshkol age foot.

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