From time

From time We help children to consult with the feelings Whether it is possible to help still somehow to the child, which races it is harmonous, except how to show it that you understand it feelings?

My son is absolutely intolerant to different to disappointments.

From time to time it seems that helps it, if I recognize its feelings and I tell something it seems: It, has to be, such disappointment!

However usually, when it there is in such emotional state, it me even does not hear.

Parents in our groups opened that when them ti are extremely upset, physical activity can to facilitate some painful feelings.

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Family life

Family life This look is reflected in the last review of the corresponding the researches conducted within forty years by Institute about razovaniye.

The key factor as it is specified in the review, consists not in the one who cares of the child, mother or other person, and it is rather as leaving.

Family life as is emphasized about dolzhat to have the main impact on development small ty even if they receive care not from parents.

Choice and circumstances At least % of women with the child to fiveyearold a cart rasta now work full time in this Important relationship the figure equaled %, and still cost qualitative, without pasny leaving in Great Britain remains to one of you soky in Europe.

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Further it is necessary

Further it is necessary Previously show to the child as, soaking up language, proiz to carry on a breath a sound with.

You can say one on a breath shock shepotny sound r.

Let the child will feel a finger that place in a mouth on which language has to strike.

Further it is necessary on an exhalation naturally proizno to sit a sound with and at this time quickly to strike language on alveoluses so that the gurgling sound was heard.

It will turn out the sound combination said by whisper sr.

Watch that the child struck language from cutters to alveoluses, and not in an opposite direction the sound will turn out differently, the reminding English option of a pronunciation of a sound r.

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To this age children

To this age children So they not simply understand, say, importance a heat sos or pencils, they still want to brag, as they umeyut That rebsno to a yard the happy to use them.

Such general interest is called joint attention is also a necessary condition for studying of a yaza and many other.

To this age children seize the beginnings of standards of behavior they are able to brag, clap, wave a hand and so on.

They are trained in etiquette, the accepted rules of communication.

Except that go, they distinguish various institutions and know a difference between, for example, shop and a platform for games and that there about proceeds.

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Show it the picture

Show it the picture show it the picture it is admissible, Gy representing a sound it, without interrupting a pronunciation of the sound, right there has to pass to to vowel and to say a syllable with this vowel f f fy, but not f f f fy or f f f y .

Before to put or to fix in a syllable a pronunciation any sound, new to the child, train with it such way pronunciations on the example of those sounds which he utters correctly sounds which can be pulled most of all approach, for example: t, in, x, etc.


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