The child

The child The child who is afraid that will abuse him, that is, he will hear some very serious expressions of an emotional dissatisfaction of rodiktel, can inhibit even such desires which are physically dangerous for suppressing to his health.

For example, some children hardly decide to confess to the parents that they want in a toilet as are afraid that will hear something it seems: Where I in the middle of shop will take a toilet to you?

It is very widespread, it is possible to tell, an illness, very widespread syndrome of tendency to inhibit the desires.

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The nurse

The nurse I became pregnant the third child, and it was very difficult at that moment.

The nurse had two my children, I was in the family way therefore very much was tired.

The hatch and I endured a strong stress.

I simply did not understand how it is possible to work with three children.

I did not want to desert a family, but also there was no wish to leave the work.

The problem was solved for me I quarreled with the boss and submitted the notice of resignation next day after that.

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More detailed

More detailed When we give to the child advice or immediate re sheny its problems, we deprive of it experience of fight with sob stvenny difficulties.

Whether there are moments when it is necessary to give advice?

Of course.

More detailed discussion of, when and how to give councils, read on pages , called Pain she about councils.

Whether it is possible to make something, if after a pony you wash, what gave to the child the useless answer?

Yesterday my daughter the very upset came from school.

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Punishment Often angry and concerned it seems to parents that such councils bear in themselves sense.

That follows it, tell various a spetsi sheets in the field of mental health, at which Wad Dra Guy the point of view on punishment.

Punishment very inefficient method of a vospa Tania.

Punishment, strangely enough, often works on the child exactly the opposite, with all not as we would like it!

Many parents apply punishment simply because anybody Nicko gda did not teach them to treat the children better As to the father, Fitzung Dodson, Signet, .

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Other children

Other children Group game; the child shows a letter.

Other children look for words in which this letter at the beginning, in the end or occurs in to the middle of the word; guessing of names.

It is necessary to vary two previous exercises.

It is necessary to call words only from one spheres, for example, names of flowers, animals, names of people.

Mobile alphabet Material: boxes which contain the full alphabet of stamped letters in a small amount of copies.

These letters correspond by the size to letters from rough paper.

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