And time

And time And even if it happened, it can not know names of feeling or not suspect that it it is peculiar also to other people.

If you allocate, will call also opium sht feeling, you thereby will let know that to you it too familiarly.

And time you coped with it, it too will be able.

Try not to wait until the problem reaches a limit, and under to nimayta a question of feelings, or at least about recognition of feelings, in daily conversations.

A mention as positive, and from ritsatelny emotions does conversation by less intense.

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It postlearning

It postlearning I tried to praise it differently.

Instead of that to speak as her study does me schastl howl, I described that it reached it is logical, well structured report, and udovletvorya las it.

Somehow there was first case in the morning.

Heather was in soul, and I rinsed ware.

It postlearning la in a wall, and I lowered half hot water.

Poses she came to kitchen and began to shout at me in all voice: I asked you not to include hot water.

I had simply ice shower!

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Therefore Do not work yet, the relevant centers of a brain are not developed, the mentality is not so developed to build logical chains or to join in process of the abstract analysis.

Therefore everything that seems to the child tragic, owing to these reasons many times more trakgichno it is also more stretched in time, than for us vzroskly which understand limits of not really raspolozhenkny or deprived of love environment.

We can write off the relation of the people surrounding on bad mood, for some problems of health, for difficulty of the working day.

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The air stream

The air stream Statement of soft sounds x, to, , f, in, l WAY OF STATEMENT OF SOFT SOUNDS IN THE SYLLABLE WITH PUBLIC AND Let the child after you say syllables hi hi hi or fi fi fi, etc.

, in this case before public will also be to be heard a soft sound.

When pronouncing syllables of a lip have to to be extended in a wide smile, teeth are pulled most together.

The air stream exhaled from a mouth has to be felt on the palm which is held up to a mouth.

If the pronunciation any of sounds is in this family way insufficiently soft, it will need to be said in zvukoso chetaniya between two vowels and ikh or Ife, etc.

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As already

As already Can be one more healthy type of the answer such: It is a pity to me that kept you waiting and therefore I at you in a debt, for me is due.

Or so: It is a pity to me that I was late, but you too kept waiting for me therefore now zero zero, we are quits.

As already repeatedly there was a speech, the principles of a positive roditelstvo do not use punishment to motivate cooperation.

But parents can sometimes introduce certain amendments concerning a freedom of action of the child or the teenager.

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