Whether Whether well he perceives and analyzes visual material.

Whether sufficient volume of visual material child vosprini washes and can keep in memory.

Whether he perceives the sufficient volume of acoustical material and can keep in memory.

Whether the child is capable to catch sequence of the visual objects.

Whether it is capable to catch sequence of acoustical objects.

Whether precisely he perceives and analyzes spatial otno sheniye.

violation of reading and letter Speech hearing How to check speech hearing see page Perception of units of the speech You need to find out: Whether well the child aurally perceives offers.

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Recent is followings

Recent is followings Most of children grow in Great Britain healthy and not test a lack of nutrients.

Recent is followings testify that the most widespread violations at preschool children are: Lack of iron % investigated.

Iron contains sya in meat, greens and bean, and also in more popular at ty the vitaminized porridges and bread.

Lack of zinc % investigated.

Zinc contains in cheese, eggs and bread, and also in vegetables, fruit and nuts.

With such choice of products it will be simple to you to provide to the child all necessary without excess difficulties and disputes.

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Otherwise Only in this case the woman is capable to solve deeply and seriously problems in the relations, including with the mother.

Otherwise this cyclic effect can bring to even °° to lshy sufferings when both person, mother and the daughter, aspires to each other, but each their meeting comes to an end with either insults, or tears from that other party.

Therefore the question in general not absolutely belongs to a subject of our seminar Children from heavens, but the answer to it, I think, can be useful to all.

In this regard the need for a roditelstvo, naturalness, a beskorystknost of a roditelstvo speaks exactly here through this phenomenon of need of receiving all types of love to start it giving.

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Michel Elliot, director

Michel Elliot, director If the child does not want at once to tell, tell that you are always ready to its vysl to shat, in the afternoon or at night, and watch it further.

Michel Elliot, director Kidskeyp Softly push the child to conversation see.


If the child will tell you about offenses: praise to tell it it was very brave from your storo ny, support I will help as only I can, together we we can make a lot of things, give to confidence I you very much I love, always loved and I will love; check that your understanding of a situation same, as well as at child: it will help to clear a situation and will prove reben ku that you heard and understood his words; act.

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In the same

In the same Bunting m.

Fear on nursery care forces rethink//Guardian.

Jule, M.


Nursery Tales//Guardian.

July, , Researches EODO.

In the same place.

Results of research Lich, Silva and Steyn were for the first time published in the speech of doctor Lich turned to National association of baby sitting.

The publication with comments: Yvonne Roberts.

Official: Babies do best with mother//Observer.


Alison Clarke Stewart.

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